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Under New Home Construction or Renovation? Ask these 4 Questions

A frequent concern when deciding to begin a home renovation, from a small project such as a bathroom, to a larger undertaking like a full kitchen remodel, is timing. How long is my home going to be under construction? How long until I can get my space back from contractors, workmen, designers, etc. One thing to remember is that you have the choice of how many people (or companies) you bring in to work on your job. Depending on how much you want to be changed, you can cut down on the project timeline. Here are some factors to consider when looking at your renovation calendar:

  • Who are you hiring?

  • Even the smallest projects can require multiple “hands on deck”, depending on how involved YOU as a homeowner want to be. Lacking that “eye” for design? Bringing in a designer can help narrow down choices, and instead of you pouring over hundreds of color swatches, a professional can keep your sanity in check with a smaller palate once they understand your basic request. Are you hiring a contractor to oversee your project, or are you (or your handyman husband) going to do the heavy lifting? A contractor can speed up your process

  • How many aspects of your project are custom?

  • Are you ordering any custom pieces? The more custom the job, generally the longer it takes. For a large kitchen, ordering custom cabinetry can hold up a job, especially since countertop fabricators/installers have to wait to template your job until your cabinets are in place. Ask the companies you’re working with ahead of time what they estimate the lead time on ordering materials will be. For smaller jobs, a simple vanity cabinet or stone remnant may already be in stock, cutting out days or weeks of waiting for an order.

  • What time of year are you doing your project?

  • Not surprisingly, the weather can, in fact impact how long your project takes, so make sure to plan around this, based on what type of project you’re thinking about. If you’re going to be ripping out your entire kitchen and starting from scratch, keep in mind that a snow or ice storm can prevent installers from carrying thousand pound countertops into your house. Living without your basement bar for a few weeks is bearable, but living without a functioning kitchen for weeks on end because severe weather might not be. Most major renovations should be saved for the warmer months, to avoid the possibility of ongoing inconvenience.

  • Once your material is in, how long does it take to fabricate?

  • Once your cabinets are in place, and counter top material is in, the remaining project time is focused on templating, (measuring for the layout of your space) fabricating (cutting the stone to fit these dimensions) and installation. Depending on the homeowner’s schedule, after templating, the fabrication-to-install time is about two weeks. As mentioned above, other factors can impact that timing as well. Weather, schedule conflicts with the homeowner or the company, and other small obstacles can change the timeline.

As a general rule, make sure to talk to all people involved with your project before you start. Having a general idea of how long the process will take sets expectations for all parties involved. Want to learn more? Check our some of our other blogs.

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