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A Guide to Choosing the Right Finish for Your Natural Stone Countertop




1. Polished – A polished finish is what most people imagine when they think of granite and marble – smooth, shiny, and well, “polished” looking. The polished finish brings out the character and full color of the stone.








2. Honed – This finish is a little softer, and does not reflect the high gloss intensity of polish. Although it has the smooth touch of a polished surface, it’s less shiny for a more traditional, informal surface. This can be described as a matte finish. 







3. Antiqued/Brushed – A brushed finish gives the illusion of natural wear on the surface.  Although it is more textured to the touch, it is just as impervious to stains with a sealant on it as the polished finish.









4. Flamed – This finish is achieved using intense heat on the stone surface, creating a rough texture. This finish is often used on outdoor projects due to its tough exterior qualities. 









5. Leathered – This finish is only applicable to marble, and gives a slip-resistant, smooth feel with a likeness to suede.  


Choosing a finish for your countertop is almost as important as picking out the stone itself. The finish can transform the look of the countertops and therefore your space, so it’s important to understand what each finish looks like, feels like, and how it changes the appearance of the stone.

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