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5 Tips For Natural Stone Maintenance

Stop using all the chemicals and harsh cleaners on your beautiful natural stone countertops. Whether it's granite, marble, quartz, limestone or soapstone, each countertop needs special care to ensure it's beauty lasts a lifetime, or at least until you want to change styles. 


1. Soap and water. The best way to clean your stone countertops is with good ol’ soap and water. Stay away from granite or marble cleaners they end up doing more damage than good. After washing with soap, just wipe or buff with a clean, dry cloth to restore a continuous luster.

2. Avoid using acidic treatments. Natural cleaners such as lemon juice or vinegar will break down the sealant over time. This is not to say you can not get these substances on your countertop, but letting them sit to eat away at grim will eventually eat away at your finish making your counters more susceptible to stains.


3. ​Cleans up spills right away.  Sounds fairly obvious but we often think that natural and engineered stone are impenetrable. Spills that sit can slowly eat away at your finish and even penetrate your countertops.


4. ​Reseal your countertops. Granite should be sealed every 3 years, while marble should be on an annual schedule to ensure stain resistant surfaces. Any other stone with a sealant should be resealed every 1 to 3 years.


5. Use a coaster. ​Don’t let glasses, or containers that sweat sit on stone If you do put a glass on the countertops it wont leave an instant stain, but getting in the habit of using a coaster will ensure a beautiful finish for years to come


Want to learn more about taking care of your stone? Contact one of our professionals at Marble Source to walk you through how to maintain the beauty of your natural stone countertops. 

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