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So Much More Than A Job 

We Design, Template, Fabricate & Install

We Do it ALL 

We carry a variety or natural and engineered stone to fit every type of style in your home or office. We also design, fabricate and install every piece that comes trough our doors. We are your one stop shop for all your countertop needs.


From bathroom vanities to large kitchens with islands, our decades of experience ensure your countertops are done right the first time. Typically the process for creating your countertops can be completed in 5 easy steps.


Pick Your Stone – Simply browse online or come into our show room to determine what kind of natural or engineered stone fits within your budget and satisfies your decor needs. We encourage everyone who comes in to bring a sample of your flooring and cabinets to help visualize how different stones look and feel when paired.


Receive An estimate – After you have decided on the type of stone you want we can get a rough estimate on the number of square feet you will need for your project and price it accordingly. Price ranges can start at $55.00 a square foot and go up to $85.00 a square foot. In some cases, rare pieces of natural stone can exceed $100.00 a square foot.


Schedule Template – Happy with your quote? Great! Our next step is to send our skilled crew to your home or office to create an exact template of your project.  Templating can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a couple hours depending of size.


Fabricate Your Countertop – Once the template has been created and approved, our fabricators begin cutting and shaping your countertops. Each and every side, angle and ridge is hand polished and smoothed for a flawless finish.  Typical time from template to install is 2 weeks.


Installation Of Countertop – The moment you have been waiting for! We will call and schedule an appropriate time to come to your home or office to install your custom designed countertops. Installs can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours depending on size. We will mount all sinks, but do not mount faucets or stove tops as you will need to call your local plumber to hook up water and gas lines.


It’s that easy! Countertops, no matter how big or small, can make a dramatic  difference in your living space.  Not sure if your budget can handle a full kitchen? Need a small piece for a bathroom but don’t want to buy a whole slab? Give us a call because we have plenty of remnants for small projects and small kitchens at a much lower price. 

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