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3 Ways to Update Your Kitchen On A Tight Budget

Sometimes doing a home renovation can seem daunting, expensive, and time consuming. So what do you do when you want an updated look, but don’t want to go through the entire process of demolition and remodeling? Here are a few ways of refreshing the look in your kitchen without all the added cost or construction.

Color Scheme:

Sometimes simply changing the color scheme in your kitchen can make it look vastly different. Painting and accent wall is an easy way to introduce new color, and allow you to bring in décor that creates an entirely new color palate. Once you add a new color, you open up the decorating possibilities. Go buy that fun cookie jar you saw at Crate and Barrel, and pick up some matching dish towels to hang from your stove handle. Small influences can make a big difference when color is introduced in a creative way. Some popular colors for 2013 include: Sunshine Yellow – This color is known for its positive energy, and its light, happy feel. Green Apple – This shade of green is a natural, earthy looking color that can transform your kitchen into a sanctuary for healthy cooking and eating. Heather Grey – If you’re looking for a modern neutral, grey is the way to go. Painting an accent wall grey opens up many possibilities for a cool color scheme in your kitchen.

Add a Stationary Point

Homebuyers and homeowners alike these days are constantly encouraged to employ “open concept” floor plans in their homes, specifically in their kitchens. Sometimes with all this open space, people forget to plan for functional space such as storage and daily usage. Adding a wet bar, small island or built-in to your kitchen can be beneficial on many levels. Depending on your layout, a small surface can make a large difference. Whether you have existing granite countertops and want to add an island, or you have Formica tops and want something to jazz up your space, you can’t go wrong with a tasteful granite surface, with storage below of course.

Update Your Appliances

We’ve all walked into kitchens where you immediately get that vibe – this space is old, unclean, or tacky. Whether you realize it or not, the appearance of your appliances can either be an eye sore or a sight for sore eyes. That faded “Cream” (yellowy) fridge or that microwave who’s buttons are worn off from use. Replacing an appliance or two, depending on your budget can give any kitchen the facelift that it needs. Seeing a shiny stainless steel dishwasher or a pristine white fridge with water and ice on the front can make it look like you did a major renovation, when all you did was put in some small upgrades!

Looking for more ways to add that custom look to your kitchen? Check out our large selection of natural stone.

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