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Making Contrast Count - How to use contrasting materials in your space

Whether you’re working with small or large kitchen area, many people wonder if they have to have the same material, or stone throughout the space. Some kitchens have large islands, or wet bars that, with the right contrasting material can become the focal points of a kitchen design. Here are a few ways to spruce up an otherwise plain Jane kitchen.

How to make Carrara work:

Marble is always iffy when it comes to frequently used spaces, specifically kitchen and bathroom surfaces. The ever-popular white and grey veined material radiates opulence, which most people wish to achieve without the maintenance. One way you can incorporate this same look without the hassle of worrying about stains, watermarks, or chips is to use a composite material substitute. Quartz, a manufactured material can look nearly identical to the soft, porous Carrara, but comes with no cautionary warnings. Having a quartz “Carrara” island contrasted with absolute black perimeter counters can lighten up your space, and give it the centerpiece it would otherwise be missing. Faux Carrara surfaces can also include a desk area, or bar.

Solids vs. Movement

Another way to incorporate complimentary materials into a kitchen would be to place a solid with a more decorative piece. This can be done in two ways, equally flattering and of course depending on the look you wish to achieve. If you want to highlight your island piece, use a stone with lots of movement. The more unique, and non-uniform the piece is, the better. Next choose a solid colored stone for the perimeter countertops that picks up one of the hues in the island. This gives your kitchen a nice flow, while not having an overwhelming amount of colors and patterns. Conversely, you can choose a solid island surface, and accentuate your perimeter countertops with something more intricate.

Being as granite, marble, limestone, and travertine come directly from the earth, it can be hard to find a uniform solid to compliment your focal piece. A great way to get a natural stone look in a complete and true solid is to go with quartz. Although manmade, quartz products are on the rise due to their excellent craftsmanship. Many quartz products are indistinguishable from natural stone, and because they are manufactured, getting a nice solid color is possible.

Whichever way you choose to showcase your contrast, having two different materials can transform your kitchen into a work of art, rather than just a place to cook and clean!

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