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5 Sink Types For Your Natural Stone Countertops

Among the many decisions you will be making during your kitchen renovation, choosing a sink that will suit your needs can be challenging. Some things to consider include size, material, and cost. The most commonly used materials to choose from include: stainless steel, cast iron, composite, porcelain, or concrete. You can expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $1500, depending on what style, size, and material you choose. Although this may seem like a wide range of prices, the components that go into choosing a sink also vary greatly.

  • Single Bowl – Single bowl sinks feature one basin. A major benefit to this option is that single bowls come in compact sizes as well as larger ones, so they are ideal for small spaces or counters that require you to save as much surface area as possible. Cost wise, single bowls are generally less expensive than the double bowl variety.

  • Double Bowl – This style features two bowls, which can be of equal size, or in some cases a larger bowl and a smaller bowl beside it. The sizing setup for your sink will depend on your personal preference, and what you need the most. If you do a lot of cooking in your kitchen, make sure that at least one of your bowls is deep enough to wash pots and pans.

  • Top Mount – Top mount sinks sit nicely on top of you counter. This style allows you to see the lip of the sink all the way around. This type of sink drops into a pre-fabricated cut out fairly easily, which makes it one of the less expensive styles. One thing to remember about top mount sinks; the more sink that shows the more sink you have to clean!

  • Under mount – Currently, under mount sinks are the most popular for kitchens. Because they are mounted underneath your counter, they present a clean, modern look without showing a rim or a lip. This feature also makes them easier to clean. Under mount sinks do however, require more work to install, which can up the cost.

  • Integral – Integral sinks are made out the same material as your countertop. These sinks are most popular for soapstone and granite counter tops. They have a sleek, continuous effect that adds a unique look to your space. Integral sinks are fairly low maintenance, and easy to clean. The main objection to this type of sink is that if you ever wanted to replace the sink, you would need to replace the entire counter that it is contained in.

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