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5 Ways to Finish Your Natural Stone Countertops

Countertop finishes

Choosing a finish for your countertop is almost as important as picking out the stone itself. The finish can transform the look of the countertops and therefore your space. It’s important to understand what each finish looks like, feels like, and how it changes the appearance of the stone and works with the decor in your home or office.

Polished – A polished finish natural stone countertop is what most people imagine when they think of granite and marble – smooth, shiny, and well, “polished” looking. The polished finish brings out the character and full color of the stone.

Honed – A honed finish natural stone countertop a little softer, and does not reflect the high gloss intensity of polish. Although it has the smooth touch of a polished surface, it’s less shiny for a more traditional, informal surface. This can be described as a matte finish.

Antiqued/Brushed – A natural stone countertop with a brushesh finish gives the illusion of natural wear on the surface. Although it is more textured to the touch, it is just as impervious to stains with a sealant on it as the polished finish.

Flamed – This finish is achieved using intense heat on the stone surface, creating a rough texture. This finish is often used on outdoor projects due to its tough exterior qualities.

Leathered – It has a smooth textured feel without a polished finished. Imagine a honed look with a brushed feel.

Not every type of stone can be honed just like not every type of stone can be polished. It is far more likely that a piece stone can be honed which is essentially taking the layer of polish off and giving it a smooth finish. Once you pick your type of finish, be sure it's what you really want because it can be costly to switch, but not impossible.

Not sure what style suits you? Swing by our showroom or check out some of our other blogs for ideas, tips and guidance or simply fill out a contact form and we will answer any questions you have right away.

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