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Spice up Your Summer with an Outdoor Grill Area!

When warm weather is in the forecast, what better way to get ready for entertaining than a grill area makeover? Having an outdoor area dedicated to grilling and food preparation is the key to a successful summer of cookouts.

When starting this project, here are a few things to think about:

  • Smaller grill areas can be done using remnants, which lowers the cost of the job, and makes for a quicker turnaround time.

  • Having natural stone material around your grill gives your space a great look, no matter what color you go with – these stones are found in nature, so your grill top area will look just that.

  • Whether or not your grill area is in an enclosed or covered space, or out in the open, the recommended materials are granite or quartz. Although all materials are sealed upon install, for the sake of weather, wear and tear, and potential staining, the tougher materials tend to be more satisfying to the customer.

  • Having a surface around your grill allows for additional amenities such as small sinks for cleaning up, washing hands, etc., small fridge inserts, and underneath storage; not to mention the extra counter space you will gain for plates full of ready-to-grill food!

  • Big or small, a natural stone grill top area is low maintenance. Just wipe it down after use with soap and water, and it’s good to go until your next use!

Not sure where or how to get started? Contact one of our expert outdoor natural stone representives for a free consultation and estimate!

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